Glued to the Olympics

It completely eludes me how sports commentators can take things like ribbon dancing seriously. I am sure there is plenty of technique involved. I bet I couldn’t do it quite as well. But still, how can a sports commentator take badminton seriously? Is there anyone in the world, or at least the world of SNL fans, who does not giggle when they see synchronized swimming?

Turning off the TV is no easy feat in general, but when the Olympics are on channels 4, 50, 99, 103 and 464 it makes it even harder. In the course of sixty seconds you can see gymnastics, water polo, beach volleyball and badminton. Whether giggling or awestruck, the Olympics never fail to entertain.

I feel it’s important to remember that The Olympics are not just about catching the big names doing their thing. Though the coverage may not make you think this, but the Olympics is just as much about the badminton as it is about Track. It is about the magnificent displays of athleticism manifested in hundreds of different ways. Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson impress crowds, to be sure, but there is so much more to watch. The Olympics represent the best of the best in every sport, meaning that by turning on the TV you can watch the best games, races, and matches the world has yet seen. In this sense The Olympics are educational. You get to see talent, technique, speed, endurance. Though it may be cliché, the Olympics can’t help but to inspire.


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