Wall-E Rocks my Socks

Pixar strikes again, and once again, strikes gold with their newly released Wall-E.  Prepare to be mind-boggled by this explosion of creativity, art, humor, and classic mores.  Right off the bat, Wall-E, a trash-compacting transformer programmed to clean up a deteriorated earth, charms his audiences with both his technological functionality and his personality quirks.  These include, but are not limited to, windshield wipers for eyelids and a Hello Dolly fetish.

But the fun does not stop with Wall-E.  EVE, Wall-E’s love interest, has a fiery personality, especially when she whips out that nuclear blaster.  She also is quite stylish, clearly designed after a Wii character.  When Eve gets transported back to her home, the spaceship Axiom, Wall-E follows along determined to be with his love.  What he finds is the 700-year old home of the exile earthlings, who have, thanks to the technology of floating chairs and robotic servants, all become helpless, videosized couch potatoes.  Though the people are pathetic, and conjure up images of dystopia, the different kinds of robots on the ship are positively fascinating in their varied tasks and capabilities.  These creatures range from Mo, little neat-freak robotic sweeper, to the Wall-A, a giant Wall-E trash compactor, to Otto, the automatic pilot for the Axiom, shaped like a nautical helm.

Something I didn’t mention: There are very few words in the movie.  I say, Who needs them?  The movie hearkens back to silent films of old, a strange and yet magically suitable complement to the technology of the future.  It works.  I am not quite sure how, but it works.

I cannot recommend this movie highly enough.  I also feel that should I share anymore I would be doing readers a disservice.  So go see this movie!  See it multiple times, as the first time will surely not be enough to pick up everything. And don’t go late at night: you will need to pay attention.  Also, stay through the credits to see the ways in which hundreds and hundreds of people were used to put this film together.  There is even a section with the names of Production Babies, babies born during the course of the film-making.  There were about 30-40 names.

Favorite line from the movie: “Define: Ho-down.”


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