The Blogging Nebula

I always thought it was ridiculous that we had to choose our audience in my last writing class.  In real life, I thought, we never get to choose our audience: if we are in school, then our teachers are always the audience; if we are not in school, then the readers of the magazine, newspaper, novel, memo or journal are always predetermined.  But what about blogs?  Blogging audiences are nebulous.

Indeed, I don’t exactly know who is out there reading this.  Why should you care?  What’s more, how can I entice you to care if I don’t know who you are?  I suppose my blog could assume a set tone, a particular attitude towards the subject matter, and eventually the blog may develop its own following.  This seems very passive on my part.  Not to mention, what human being alive has simply a single mode of thinking and speaking?  It is like assuming that people must choose a single mood by which they shall forever be characterized: “You there!  You shall be named Grumpy and Grumpy you shall be!” Thank you, but I for one would like to abstain from most any association with the seven dwarfs.

One thing is certain: This blog is no basin for spewing out sentimental gunk that, I confess, occurs frequently in my head.  Lord knows, whoever you are out there, you do NOT need to be burdened with such rubbish.  I am sure there are plenty other blogs you can go to for that.

Why write a blog, then?  It is an experiment.  This blog will likely contain subject matter on God, poop, and everything in between.   It will consist mostly of observations that satisfy some or all of the following criteria:

-Brings joy to the everyday.

-Sheds new light on an otherwise recognizable subject

-Uncovers the absurd

-Brings Glory to God

So whoever you are out there, I do hope to get to know you somehow.  But in the meantime, I suppose I will just have to shoot blindfolded.



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